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The delivery time in Spain (peninsula) for your purchases in Galeries Pins may vary depending on the service you choose and the time in which you make your purchase.

24H SERVICE (Delivery before 19:00 the next day): The price to receive your order the day after your order is 8€. This rule will be fulfilled as long as your order is placed before 2:00 p.m. Orders placed after 2:00 p.m. on Thursdays will be delivered on Monday of the following week.

SERVICE 48/72H: For purchases under 100€ the shipping costs are 5€. For purchases over 100€ the shipping costs are FREE.

All purchases made after 2:00 pm will be sent the next day. This means that, if you make a purchase on Monday at 2:30 p.m., your package will be shipped the next day. Starting the delivery period when the products leave Galeries Pins stores.


CANARY ISLANDS: Orders that are made from the Canary Islands have a shipping cost of 50€. In this case there is no free shipping service.

ILLES BALEARS: Orders placed from the Balearic Islands have a shipping cost of 20€. In this case there is no free shipping service.

CEUTA AND MELILLA: Orders that are made from Ceuta and Melilla have a shipping cost of 50€. In this case there is no free shipping service.


The shipping cost to Gibraltar and Andorra is 70€. In this case there is no free shipping service


The delivery time in European Union for your purchases in Galeries Pins is 2 to 4 working days since you place the order and is confirmed via mail.

The shipping costs are free if your purchase is higher than 100 €. In case your purchases do not exceed the amount of 100€, the shipping costs will be automatically fixed acording to the region;.

Exceptions are Finland, Sweden, Greece, Bulgary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Letonia, Lithuania (The Shipping price for this countries is fixed acording to the region);.


* Delivery times may vary during promotional periods, discounts or in case of lack of availability in our warehouses. We also remind you that the courier and parcel service is external to Galeries Pins and that if there are delays in some deliveries without prior notice of Galeries Pins, the responsible for such situation is the courier and parcel service provider.


You have 30 days to return any item from the day you receive it in your home or shipping address. We don’t accept items that have been used. If you want another size or color of the same product you must make a new order totally independent from the previous one.

- You must know that custom items can’t be returned.
- It is important to send the returned product by protecting the item with an additional external packaging that you received in your home or shipping address and thus avoid possible damage to the product during shipment. In the event that the product is damaged as a result of bad packaging the reimbursement will not be made.
- The item must be returned within 30 days of receipt at home or shipping address.
- In order for the return to be valid, it must be processed through the returns section at My account.


To return any product purchased in Galeries Pins you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Fill in the returns form.

Fill the return sheet that you will find with the order you received or download it by clicking on the link below.


Step 2: Prepare the product to be shipped.

Once you have the return package ready you must prepare it with the product you wish to return. Remember that the product must be well protected so that it doesn’t suffer damage during its transport and realize the refund without problems. Please do not stick anything in the original box, bag or packaging of the product. Within the return package you must include the return sheet indicating the item you want to return.

The shipping address to which you must make the return is the following:

GALERIES PINS (Santa Susanna Original Store S.L.)
Av/Pla de la Torre S/N
Edificio Odissea Park
08398, Santa Susanna
Barcelona, Spain 

Step 3: Ship the package with the product.

Send the package to the address that appears on the return sheet with the delivery service you prefer.

Step 4: Money Refund.

Once we receive the package with the product that you want to return, we will analyze the conditions of the product, and in case everything is correct and if the product is in perfect condition we will proceed to the refund of the amount of the product (not the shipping costs in case they exist).

If you want to buy another size or color of the same product, or another product, you must make the purchase process again on our website. If there are shipping costs, they must be paid by the buyer during the purchase process.

If the reason of the return is for an incorrect, defective or damaged product, Galeries Pins will be responsible for the collection of the product and the refund of the price of the product plus the costs of shipping if they exist.


Once we receive the product of the return and we verify that it is in perfect conditions we proceed to the refund of the amount. According to the method of payment the process will be:

- If the payment has been by credit card you will receive a payment in your credit card account. The payment settlement date does not depend on us.
- If the payment has been through the Pay-Pal platform, you will receive the payment through your Pay-Pal account.

The shipping costs are only refunded if they exist and the product is wrong, damaged or defective when you receive it.

In the event that the client doesn’t pick up the product at an Access Point or shows no interest in receiving it at his home without any justification, the transportation costs to Santa Susanna Original Store stores will be paid by the customer. Once the product enters in the stores of Santa Susanna Original Store we will proceed to the return of the value of the product less the cost of transport back.


In the following cases, it is not possible to make returns of the products bought in Galeries Pins.

- When the product has been used and has suffered daily wear and tear.
- When the product has been damaged by improper use.
- When the product has been modified or altered.
- When the product is customized or adapted.
- When the product has been cleaned or has undergone some cleaning process.
- When the product fades.
- When the product forms balls or lint.
- When the product has been damaged by external factors with sharp objects, chemicals, friction or any other type of damage.
- When the product generates physical ailments such as blisters, irritations, allergies, or any reaction to the tissue or material of the product.